Logo Development

You need the brand before you can market it online. Often clients will come to us without other marketing materials, a corporate color scheme, or company logo of any sort. If such materials exist, it is important that the web site serve a branding function in further promoting that established image of the company or product. However, if no such materials exist, we recommend using the web development process as an opportunity to jump-start the marketing efforts of the company or organization as a whole, beginning with the thoughtful creation of a business logo.

Our graphic design team is able to translate your organization’s personality, industry, and goals into a graphical representation of that organization. Using this image over time creates an impression on customers and clients and serves as an important branding tool. Our clients are able to use this new image not only on the web site, but incorporate this new corporate logo into business signage, corporate letterhead, business cards, corporate and product brochures, newsletters, and many other outlets.

A sampling of the various business logo designs we have developed is shown below:


Typically, we provide between 12 and 20 initial logo designs from which you may choose. The cost of corporate logo design generally runs between $800 and $1,100.

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