How do I deliver content for the web site?

All content for your web site, unless otherwise agreed to in writing, must be delivered to denning e-solutions in an electronic format.


  • Copy/text to be included in the content areas of your site can be sent as either Word *.doc files or simple text files *.txt (created using a text editor like Notepad in Windows).
  • Graphics files can be sent as GIF, JPEG, TIFF, or BMP files. If your graphics are in another file type, please email us for direction. We may be able to use what you have or walk you through converting the file to another type.
  • Send files via email to: alli@dandelionmarketing.complease see note below.

NOTE: Please do not send any email attachments that total (all files together, not individual files) more than 3 MB per message. If your graphics files are larger than that, you can send them online in one of two ways: 1) use a service like, or 2) create a folder with your files in and share the folder with us using these email addresses: and

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