Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search engine optimization, search engine positioning or just plain SEO – these are all names for the same thing – getting your site to rank as high as possible for the keyword phrases most relevant to your business. Increase your search engine ranking and increase your website traffic – it is that easy. Or is it?

Why SEO is Critical

Establishing a website is just the beginning. It is not a field of dreams, and just because you’ve built a nice site, does not guarantee that anyone will visit it.  In order to get a return on the investment you’ve made in a website, you must make sure that customers and more importantly potential customers can find you. This means that your site needs to place well in the major search engines, that other complimentary, high quality sites link to yours, and that you promote your site, both on the web through a steady stream of fresh content and the sharing power of social media as well as in traditional offline media. If your customers and potential customers are not finding you, you can be assured that they are finding someone else. To be competitive online, your site and business must be out there in front of your audience building site traffic, sales, and brand awareness.

We offer Internet marketing and SEO services both as a part of an initial website development project and as a separate tool to boost the effectiveness of an existing site.

SEO Pricing

Our search engine optimization services are sure to get your site off to the right start or to boost rankings of an under-performing site.  Most SEO projects are priced as a complete package.  The specific recommendations and subsequent pricing of the package depend entirely on the specific needs of the site.  Some websites need extensive re-working of the site structure or content, while others need more fine-tuning and promotion.  We conduct a thorough analysis of your site and recommend a specific program designed to address the unique issues facing your website.  SEO is an ongoing process and so our initial SEO contracts are typically for a year, with specific goals set for each quarter.

Factors that affect pricing include, at a minimum, the size and complexity of the site, the starting condition of the site’s search engine presence and SEO efforts, and the number of different targeted keyword areas needed for optimization (one product or service versus 100 products).

For clients that need site evaluation and recommendations or SEO consulting without the implementation and follow up included in a full SEO plan, we offer SEO consulting at an hourly rate of $150.00.

SEO Process

The specific SEO plan we develop is unique to each client, reflecting the activities that will be most beneficial to their situation.  However, there are certain basic steps in the search engine optimization (SEO) process that are common to most client sites.  Click here for an in-depth description of the SEO Process.  If you run across terms that are new to you, be sure to check out our FAQs, which cover many of the topics mentioned here.