Local SEO Packages for Small Businesses

Our Local SEO Packages include the basic online marketing tasks that many small businesses have neither the time nor know-how to perform. As a local business owner, you are freed up to do what you do best, that is provide great services to your customers, while knowing that the marketing you need is handled. These packages are designed to help your business generate leads through your local online business profiles, with a focus on high-quality content generation and utilization of Google My Business.

We offer these new packages at three levels: Starter, Intermediate and Premium. The services and frequency of each level is shown below. Please note that these packages are offered in a limited number so that we can focus on providing the best service to each client.

As with all our services, we offer custom solutions to a specific client need. We can customize the packages below to fit your specific local SEO business goals. Depending on your industry and your target audience, you may want to utilize specific social outlets and deemphasize others. The first step is for us to talk through how your customers find services or products like yours. We then develop a specific monthly plan that best targets that audience. We want to ensure that you fish where the fish are. Contact us here to set up a time to discuss the best approach for your business.

Starter Seed Local SEO Package Intermediate Seed Local SEO Package Premium Seed Local SEO Package
Content Development 1 Dandelion Seed 2 Dandelion Seeds 4 Dandelion Seeds
Google Posts 1 Dandelion Seed 2 Dandelion Seeds 4 Dandelion Seeds
Review Management 1 Dandelion Seed 2 Dandelion Seeds 4 Dandelion Seeds
Social Media 1 Dandelion Seed 6 Dandelion Seeds 10 Dandelion Seeds
MONTHLY COST $400 $600 $1,100
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NOTE: The monthly cost of these packages is billed quarterly, in advance. We will review your site’s starting point and discuss any setup work that may be required to get your site to the place needed to begin these monthly packages.