What are Google Sitelinks?

Some times when you do a search on Google for a phrase, you will occasionally see among the results a collection of links which will appear below the result of a website. These are Google Site Links.

For example: if you search for the phrase “birmingham web design” on Google, you will see in the SERPs:

Birmingham web design and search engine optimization (SEO) by …

Birmingham-based web site design, search engine optimization, and creative e-solutions for small to mid-sized businesses. www.dandelionmarketing.com/ – 22k

NOTE: this is snippet is taken from the meta description tag if one exists. If there is no meta description tag in the site’s code, this snippet comes from Google-selected text on the page.

Following the snippet and link to the web site comes Site Links. Using the sample search above as an example, you will see the following Google site links below the snippet description.

client login                             Site Development
Site Design                            about
Portfolio                                 Search Engine Optimization & Internet Marketing
Contact Us                             Newsletters

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To which sites does Google assign Site Links and where do the links come from? Happily, site owners now have more control than ever over this aspect of their listing. If your site has been awarded SiteLinks by Google, you can manage those within Webmaster Tools.

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