Website Backup Invoice Scam

I have now heard from three different clients about an invoice they received from a company called WebsiteBackup asking for $70.00 for a website backup service they did not remembering having. If you have received such an invoice, it is a scam.

The tricky part is that, unlike most junk mail, it really looks like a legitimate invoice. We’ve seen other domain registration scams over the years trying to get you to change your registration. But, in all of those cases, if you looked closely, there was some sort of small print that indicated that it was an offer and not really a bill. In the case of the WebsiteBackup scam, there is no such small print. It is a real invoice that’s very well done (see the image below). They just happen to be asking for money that you don’t owe them.

Website Backup Invoice Scam

The negative online reviews and complaints to the BBB about this fraudulent activity by Website Backup are stacking up. Our calls to their office when unanswered and our messages unreturned.

For more detailed information and results into research on the company behind this scam, see this article.

Bottom line: don’t pay the invoice.