Tashlik Goldwyn Crandell Levy Launches New Website

The law firm of Tashlik Goldwyn Crandell Levy LLP went live with their new website yesterday. Located outside New York City, TGCL specializes in Corporate, Tax, and Securities matters. They needed a website that reflected their niche practice. We built the site using a custom WordPress build that is responsive to a variety of user devices, making it easy for users to access and use the site regardless of device type.

When asked to describe his experience working with us on the new website, Martin Goldwyn, a partner in the firm, had this to say:

We needed a new website for our law firm. Alli listened to what we needed, and went on to design and develop a site that matches our firm’s goals and practice. We appreciated her attention to detail and commitment to getting it all just right.

Martin Goldwyn, Partner
Tashlik Goldwyn Crandell Levy LLP