Website Resolutions to Kick Off 2014

As 2014 gets started, it’s a good time to address those website to-dos that you put off in 2013.  As with anything worthwhile, a website requires some care and feeding to continue to perform at its best for your business.  If ignored, it will degrade in quality.  This atrophy is particularly obvious on the Internet where new services and technologies force an almost constant state of change to keep up.  So, if you did just two things for your site to start the New Year off right, what should they be?

2014 Website ResolutionsUpdate Content

The number one thing you can do for your website is to update the content.  Not only does updated content keep your site accurate for your site users and present your business in a professional light, but it keeps Google and the other major search engines interested in your site, as they reward sites with good quality, fresh content.

Review what you have online now and update any out-of-date information.  Think about the trends in your industry this year.  Does your website address what’s happening now both in your company and in your wider industry?  Think about your site as a platform for establishing your company as an expert and leader in your industry.  What information/content would make that point?


Claim and optimize your Google+Local business listing.  Google converted its Google Maps/Places listings to Google+Local listings a while back, giving you more opportunity to optimize your listing and interact with your customer base via Google’s answer to Facebook, Google+.  What’s more, when Google senses that a search is local in nature, it presents these Google+Local listings within the page one search results.  Having a well-optimized local listing within Google can translate directly in wider exposure and a greater reach for your business.

Stay tuned for a complete how-to on this topic within the next week.

If you need help with either of things tips, drop us a line.  We are here to help!